2014 Winners Wall

Thank you for participating in and supporting the Canlan 3on3 Youth Hockey League, the largest 3on3 hockey league in the world! All year long you will have the opportunity to win great prizes through our online contests and giveaways! Make sure to LIKE US ON FACEBOOK for your chance to win and check-in daily as you never know when we will be giving away a prize! Good luck, we hope to see your name on our Winners Wall soon!

Check out the Canlan 3on3 Youth Hockey League Facebook page and the @Canlan3on3 Twitter page for further details on how you can enter and win our latest contests that will run throughout the 2014 season. With over $10,000 in prizes to be won, you won't want to miss out!


Congratulations to all of our winners!


Random Giveaways

Date   Name
21-Mar-14 Denise Cote
11-Mar-14 Matthew/Aiden Holla
28-Feb-14 Michael Grant
23-Jan-14 Jason Lawrence
23-Jan-14 Simranjit Rai
10-Jan-14 Tasso Zambelakis
10-Jan-14 Lyndsey Jones Dmytrow
10-Jan-14  Debi Edward Lawrence

'Thank You Mom' Week

Date Name
5-May-14 Michael Grant
5-May-14 Melanie Olson Murray
6-May-14 Selina Sabourin
7-May-14 Karen Reilly
8-May-14 Mary Goodwin
8-May-14 Lisa Acri
9-May-14 Wendy Prowse
9-May-14 Genevieve Prevost Raducanu
9-May-14 Olga Fatsis

21 Days of Giveaways

Date Name
3-Feb-14 Andrea Minto
4-Feb-14 Sharandeep Bahia
5-Feb-14 Jen McIlwaine
6-Feb-14 Richard Tong
7-Feb-14 ToMarah Hutton
8-Feb-14 Yesenia Morillo
9-Feb-14 Colleen Norris
10-Feb-14 Roy Hobbs
11-Feb-14 Mitch Dennis
12-Feb-14 Kerri Backman
13-Feb-14 Dina Prospero
14-Feb-14 Lisa Allison
15-Feb-14 Shannon Bond
16-Feb-14 David-Angie Illijasic
17-Feb-14 Lynne Hamilton-Rushak
18-Feb-14 Cecile Jun
19-Feb-14 Rhonda Lee
20-Feb-14 Marni Cook
21-Feb-14  Louis Liang
22-Feb-14 Antony Ng
23-Feb-14 Kathi McDowell